Planned FeaturesEdit

Module System

Better User Authentication

Animation System - Animated Collisions

Mesh Collisions

Terrain EngineParticle System - Emitters and GUI for tweaking

Sound System - Advanced (Pitch modulation, good looping)

2D Gui - User Editor

Reaper Thread - Remove Assets from server that are no longer being referenced

Texture Eviction - Once loaded a texture is always in ram.

Tutorials - Better tutorials

Deleting Assets

Better Shadows

Real Skydomes


Level of Detail


Cutscene Support

Animated Textures


Exporters adjust scale

Builder - Grid Mode

Better Loading - Ability to background load things to the graphics card

Abilty to slow down/speed up physics/gametime (slo-mo shots)

Particles - Ability to get the length of the parent object