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Downloading the SourceEdit

The Wild Pockets engine source is currently hosted on Launchpad and is kept track of as a Launchpad project. To view the project on launchpad visit

To actually download the source, the simple solution is to download the Bazaar version control system, available at Once downloaded you can checkout the source code itself by opening a command line and running the following Bazaar command wherever you would like to checkout the project.

bzr branch lp:wildpockets

Once you have checked out the project itself, you should be able to point the Bazzar-Explorer gui at that folder and manage version control visually.

Getting the extra filesEdit

Some files have been removed from the Wild Pockets source code repository in order to save space.

In general, these files are not required to do a build, but may be very helpful. For example, we have omitted the pre-compiled Boost tree. You can compile Boost yourself and therefore build Wild Pockets, but it's tricky. You should probably download these files and add them to your source tree.

We are distributing these files by several methods (to help ensure that they are always available):

  • Via http from Ubuntu One (individual files)
    • The URLs are listed in individual files in each directory where we have removed files.
    • Not the ideal method to get these
  • Via http from (7zip archive)
  • Via torrent
    • You should find the .torrent file in the root directory of your source.

Find documentationEdit

To continue the build process, look in the documentation folder in the source directory.