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Wild Pockets Builder ManualEdit

This manual is about setting up your games and making levels in Wild Pockets. (If you just want to play games, you don't need a manual. Just read the instructions on the webpage with the game.) This manual is intended to teach you how to navigate and use the builder to create games and levels. If you have experience with a 3D modeling package (such as 3DS Max , or Maya ), or if you've used another game builder before (such as Unreal Editor ), you should be familiar with many of the tools and workflow of Wild Pockets. Whether you're an experienced developer or a complete beginner, this manual will teach you everything you need to know to get started creating games and levels with Wild Pockets.

If you already know your way around the builder and want to start creating and programming your games, you should visit the Wild Pockets Programming Manual

Chap. 01 - Introduction to Wild Pockets Game Builder

Chap. 02 - Managing Assets

Chap. 03 - Manipulating Assets within the Builder

Chap. 04 - Introduction to Scripting

Chap. 05 - Testing and Solving Problems

Chap. 06 - Permissions and Publishing